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Importance of Water During Gum Disease Treatment

Posted on 4/25/2019 by Dr. Karl Zeren
Importance of Water During Gum Disease TreatmentTo understand the importance of drinking or rinsing with water when we have treated you for gum disease, you should first understand the role saliva plays in oral health. Saliva isn't just there to keep you from getting “dry mouth,” it serves other purposes as well.

Saliva production is your body's way of cleaning your teeth in between brushings. It coats the tissues in your mouth and protects them from bacteria. In addition, it removes waste and re-mineralizes your tooth enamel. It also neutralizes acids that can decay your teeth and prevents infection by controlling fungi or bacterial growth. Your mouth is damp, warm and dark which makes it the perfect medium for bacterial and fungi growth.

Doesn't the Saliva Just Do Its Job Anyway?

Saliva does do its job, but through the day you drink liquids and eat foods that make it more difficult. When you have been treated for gum disease, you must let the treated area heal and may not be able to perform the functions that cause saliva production to activate such as sucking and chewing in that area. This is where water comes in.

Since most municipalities treat their water systems with fluoride, that may be the time you want to drink your tap water rather than bottled water. You should drink several 8 ounce glasses of water a day when we have treated you for gum disease. This can clean away surface debris and reduce the acid that remains on your teeth after eating or drinking acidic food or drinks.

If you have had surgery such as gum flap reduction or a tooth extraction, you can drink water with salt in it, creating a saline solution. We may prescribe an antibacterial rinse for you to use after gum treatment or other surgical procedures like tooth implants, but you probably can't carry the bottle with you everywhere.

This is where rinsing your mouth with salt water can play a role in cleaning the affected areas. Contact us if you have any questions or for further information.

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