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Why Gum Disease and Increased Chances of Lung Cancer Are Connected

Posted on 1/30/2019 by Dr. Karl Zeren
Why Gum Disease and Increased Chances of Lung Cancer Are ConnectedEveryone knows that gum disease can cause issues in your mouth. Bleeding and tender gums, loss of gum tissue, eventual tooth loss, and even bone loss are all commonly acknowledged results of gum disease.

But, did you know that gum disease can have serious health consequences outside of the mouth? It's true: if you suffer from untreated gum disease, you can eventually wind up with serious chronic illnesses, including lung cancer.

Gum Disease and Your Health

Gum disease is much more serious than having gum tissue that bleeds easily. When you suffer from gum disease, one result is increased pockets of bacteria in your mouth (typically in the area between the gum tissue and the tooth down below the gumline, where your toothbrush cannot reach).

The bacteria can enter the body's bloodstream and wind up in other areas, including the lungs. Once there, they can contribute to other problems such as cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Sadly, because many people tend to compartmentalize their health, a large number of our patients never consider the link between proper oral hygiene and their long-term overall health.

If You Suffer From Gum Disease, We Can Help

We are here for you if you think you may have gum disease. The good news is that a significant number of the gum disease cases we see each year are highly treatable without even resorting to things such as surgical intervention. In fact, with proper care and treatment, virtually every case of gum disease can be reversed.

We are dedicated to helping you keep a smile that is healthy and happy. And, that translates to better health for the rest of your body. So, don't wait: if you think you have gum disease, come see us right away. Even if you don't have gum disease, regular visits to our office will help keep you in better health. We look forward to seeing you!

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