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Ridge Preservation (Socket Grafting)
Posted on 9/3/2017 by Dr. Karl Zeren
Tooth loss causes the jawbone to recede and can lead to an unnatural looking indentation in your gums and jaw, an appearance of general aging. When a tooth is removed and not replaced, bone stimulation stops at that particular site, the bone no longer receives physical stimulation and starts to resorb. Also, the preservation of bone volume immediately after tooth removal is necessary to optimize the success of implant placement in terms of esthetics and function.

Careful management of extraction sockets after tooth extraction prevents bone loss, facilitates implant placement and provides a better cosmetic outcome for tooth replacement.

No longer are patients forced to deal with extraction of the teeth that result in dramatic bone loss. Today's "gold standard" is to fill the socket with a bone graft to promote natural bone growth in our bodies. This will increase the patients future implant opportunities and provides more bone to retain dentures, implants and to preserve aesthetics around crown and bridgework.
To increase the possibility of future implant placement, a ridge preservation procedure is frequently recommended. Without bone grafting, the socket bone will rapidly atrophy. Studies show that 30-40% of the jawbone is lost in the first 3-4 months after extraction from this natural process. That is, your body perceives that once the root is removed- the bone is no longer needed and your body resorbes it away.

Bone grafting at the time of tooth extraction preserves the remaining jawbone and minimizes gum and bone collapse. This provides for a more aesthetic tooth replacement for either an implant crown or a fixed bridge.

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